Advantages of hotel card locks compared to conventional mechanical locks
Advantages of hotel card locks compared to conventional mechanical locks

Advantages of hotel card locks compared to conventional mechanical locks

Most hotels in Malaysia are using traditional mechanical locks. Opening the door with the key makes it difficult to ensure the safety of the guests staying and control the room rental activities in the hotel. From there, the hotel card lock was born. It has many advantages over traditional mechanical locks. RFID card lock is a digital electronic lock that only uses a RFID card to open the door. With this type, only the cards registered in the device can enter. Therefore, there should be a high level of safety and security.

High security of RFID hotel card lock

Mechanical lock:
When the hotel accidentally loses the key, the hotel runs the risk of having to replace the entire lock assembly. Because if bad objects pick up the key, they will easily break in.
RFID card lock:
Each card has its own management authority and only unlocks within the allowed range. The locking system has the function of setting the operating time of the card. Therefore, the hotel manager will easily manage the time in and out of the guest's room. Hotel lock system memory capacity remembers more than 200 last accesses. All stored on key software. When needed, the hotel manager can check on it such as room registration, check-out, etc. In case the guest loses the card, just notify the hotel manager, that key card will be disabled immediately and replaced with a new card later. Besides, the setup of RFID cards is done entirely on the software system and is very difficult to fake. Each card is installed with its own code and password, very safe. The hardware of the lock is made of super durable stainless steel over the years, suitable for the environment and climate of Malaysia.

Hotel lock with RFID card is extremely compact and cost-effective

Mechanical lock:
The user must carry the keychain with him at all times and always worry about losing the key, unable to open the room door and the bad objects picked up to break into the room.
RFID hotel card lock:

The key becomes compact like a luxury ATM card put in your wallet and other documents and don't worry about losing it. The software can run on most operating systems and is easy to use. It does not require high configuration computer. Cards can be written and erased many times and support to update new features for free.

RFID card lock is easy to use and manage

Mechanical lock:
To unlock, users usually take a few minutes to insert the key into the lock. Sometimes it takes even longer because the lock is clogged. In particular, if you have to carry a lot of things, unlocking is very inconvenient and time consuming. The hotel manager cannot control all employee and guest room movements and know if the guest has checked out or overstayed. In particular, in the event of loss or damage to furniture, the manager cannot attribute that responsibility to anyone because he does not know who enters the room at that time.

Hotel lock with RFID card:
To open the door, you just need to gently swipe the RFID card through the slot, when the light is green and there is a beep, the door will open after a few seconds. Thanks to that, opening the door is quick, convenient and easy. Especially, for the elderly and disabled, digital hotel locks become very useful, helping them not to spend too much effort to open the door. The hotel manager holds the master card authority to control the RFID cards of guests and employees. As well as easy access to operations again thanks to the software system connected to the key. In the event of loss of hotel and guest belongings, the manager can check the entire entry and exit process in that moment to find out who stole it.
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Published : 23-Jul-2021

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